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Elephants and crops saved in difficult rescue

The bulls were raiding farms and damaging human infrastructure. An elaborate rescue operation was launched by Elephants Alive – an organisation specialising in elephant research and promoting harmonious coexistence between people and elephants – after a call came in from the Hoedspruit Farmwatch in Limpopo that three young bulls had escaped from the Associated Private Nature Reserves […]

Motorfietse brul teen Plaasaanvalle by Hartbeespoortdam

Motorfietse brull teen Plaasaanvalle by Hartbeespoortdam

Die lug om Hartbeespoortdam gaan op 16 September 2017 gevul word met die gebrul van motorfietse teen plaasaanvalle. “Die Nasionale Motorfietsvereniging en sy assosiate gaan die dag fondse insamel om boere en plaaswerkers teen plaasaanvalle te help beskerm. Dié fondse sal tydens Agri SA se kongres in Oktober 2017 aan die Agri Securitas Trustfonds oorhandig […]

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